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Wedding Packages

Package 1


The "Standard" Package is Recommended for small to mid-sized venues.  Up to 150 guests.


  • Consultation & Event pre-planning

  • Music of your choice

  • DJ/MC with wireless mic   

  • Standard Sound System of 2 Speakers with Bass Speaker(s)   

  • Standard dance floor lighting

  • Setup with a light-up DJ Booth   

  • Set-up & breakdown included

  • Club style mixing

  • Travel & Fees Expenses

Package 2


The "Spotlight" includes Package 1, as well as a Monogram, 2 subs for more bass, & intelligent-moving lighting on totems.  Recommended for mid-sized to large venues. 75 to 200+ guests.


  • Consultation & Event pre-planning

  • DJ/MC with wireless mic   

  • Enhanced dance floor lighting

  • 2 Lighted Totems

  • Custom Projected Monogram   

  • Setup with a light-up DJ Booth

  • Set-up & breakdown included   

  • Music of your choice

  • Club style mixing   


Package 3

The "Exclusive" package includes Package 2 as well as everything that's listed below.  Recommended for mid-sized to large venues.  75 to 200+ guests.  Includes:

  • Everything in Package 2

  • Consultation & Event pre-planning

  • DJ/MC with wireless mic

  • Music of your choice

  • 1 Dry Ice Low Fog Machine (First Dance)

  • Up-Lighting (12 fixtures)

  • Sparklers (2 Units)


Each package is available to be customized to your choice.  Prices vary from Package to Package.

Contact me for your custom pricing.


Additional Services & Equipment

  • Wedding Ceremony                            $250.00                                                                                             If Ceremony area is separate from the Reception; includes sound system, wireless microphone for officiant, and both Pre-Ceremony & Ceremony music.  


  • Cocktail Hour                                        $100.00                                                                                              One speaker will be provided to play music          from an Ipod that has been pre-selected by the couple for your guests while they socialize. 

  • Custom Gobo/Monogram                 $200.00             

        Your projection image or monogram can be added to

        personalize your event.  The image may contain names,

        initials, a logo, and or a message that can be projected

        onto the dance floor or any other surface at your

        wedding or event.


  • Dry Ice Fog Machine (2 Units)      $250.00 each


      Ever wonder how it would feel to dance with the love of  

        your life in the clouds?  Now you can!  Enjoy the "Dancing in

        the Clouds" effect.

  • Sparklers (4 Units)                               $200 each

       Light up your First Dance with the Sparklers feature

  • Up-Lighting (12 fixtures)        $25.00-$300.00


        Adds to the ambient of the room fixtures that wash

        the wall with the color your choice.

  • Additional Hour                                           $150.00


       Additional hours for your reception package.


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